Wayne Winters won over the nation when he devotedly walked miles on miles to find his wife a kidney and PEOPLE reports that he finally found what he was looking for. Winters’ wife Deanne has stage 5 kidney failure, and after being on the donor waiting list for two years, they got the call on Sunday that there is a kidney available. “I was just so overwhelmed,” Winters told KSTU. “I didn’t know what to think.”

The 74-year-old said he and Deanne have received incredible support. His phone, he said, filled with 700 to 800 calls once he made his debut street-side wearing the “Need Kidney 4 Wife” sandwich board sign.

This is wonderful news for the couple of 26 years, but Winters’ days on the road in search of donors are far from over. “I will spend more of my days walking with my sign to see how many I can get,” he said. “Think about it, we could start a kidney revolution and that would be so great.”

Winters proves that with a clear message, good walking shoes and a whole lot of love, you can concur pretty much anything.


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