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10 Signs You Are Not Drinking Enough Water



10 Signs You Are Not Drinking Enough Water

Many people only drink water when they get thirsty, but did you know it is recommended to drink  an average of 8-ounce glasses of water everyday?

Water is important for most processes your body goes through in a day. When you drink water, you replenish your stores. Without enough water, your body and its organs can’t function properly.

10 Signs You Are Not Drinking Enough Water

Benefits of drinking water include:

  • protecting your spine and other tissues
  • helping you eliminate waste through urine, sweat, and bowel movements
  • keeping your body temperature within a normal range
  • lubricating and cushioning your joints

Signs You’re Not Drinking Enough Water:

  1. The color of your urine

If you notice that your urine is a darker shade than normal – yellow, or even brownish – you should drink lots of water straight away. Clear or light colored urine indicates you are having enough water.

  1. How many times you visit the toilet

You should be peeing around six to seven times a day, depending on how much you drink. If you go too long without drinking water, it can affect your kidneys, thus damaging the body’s ability to clean itself.

  1. Dry skin and mouth

Dry skin could well be associated with drinking too little water as well. Dry lips/mouth are also an indication of dehydration.

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  1. Hunger

Hunger may be your body’s way of asking for a drink that you can easily misinterpret. If your stomach is complaining and you think you may need to grab a snack try drinking a glass of water before to see if that helps. If you’re still hungry afterwards you can grab that quick snack.

  1. Fatigue

People who don’t drink enough water often feel tired and fatigued during the day. This is because your body “lends” water from the blood, which causes oxygenation to decrease throughout the body.

  1. A headache

A mild, headache may be your body’s way of saying it needs a drink of water. Your body compensates for it by taking water from your blood, which affects how much oxygen your brain gets and leads to headache. To find out if this is the case, see what happens if you move quickly or bend down to pick something up. Does the headache get worse? If it is hydrate immediately.

  1. Irritability

When your body is lacking necessary fluids, you can become irritable. If this is the case, drink a glass of water and the symptoms should abate.

  1. Constipation

If the body does  not get enough fluid, it can retrieve it from your stool to compensate, this invariably leads to constipation.

  1. Joint Pain

Your joints need water to stay lubricated. When they don’t have enough water they’ll borrow it from somewhere else. Similarly the cushions between your spinal vertebra need water to help absorb shock from your movements.