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11 Year Old Sings Elvis Classic, Crowd Goes Wild When She Sounds Exactly Like The Star.



Often times, modern-day musicians will borrow a page out of history and try to recreate a classic song to refresh everyone’s memory, help us revisit a tune, and to pay tribute to the original musician of the said song. Artists these days are doing renditions all the time, but they’re still special in the sense that there’s a unique element to their version compared to the classic. While most people enjoy an old-school and genuinely good song when a popular singer sings it, there’s just something special about a rendition when someone not-so-famous sings it and goes viral, especially when that someone is a little kid, who is just eleven years old.

Angelina Jordan is a pre-teen who has an obvious love for music. She is from Norway, where she first took part in a singing competition when she was 8-years-old. Since then, the little girl has become a singing sensation in her country and has millions of fans across her various social media channels. It is quite clear why.

In the viral video, Angelina performs one of Elvis Presley’s most popular songs called, “It’s Now Or Forever.” Everyone is left in total awe after hearing her sing. The main question going through most people’s minds being how can she possibly be able to sing exactly like Elvis with so much ease and precision! Angelina’s is a truly talented and her performance is a must-watch. Watch the amazing performance below and don’t forget to share with your family, friends, and Elvis fans!