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12-Year-Old Rings Ceremonial Bell after 869 Day Battle with Stage 3 Cancer



Chris Binni, a 12-year-old from St. Charles County, Missouri, is now cancer-free after battling with stage 3 cancer for 869 days.

Binni began his fight with cancer at 10 years old and his family has since been quarantining for two and a half years in order to keep him safe as he received treatment.


When he received the news of him being cancer-free he was very excited.

He said, “I’m just glad all the nurses and doctors were very kind to me and they were one of the biggest parts to help me through this.”


Just as other cancer patients ring the ceremonial bell when declared Cancer free, Binni too did it.

However, his celebration was slightly different. He marked the occasion with a few family and friends at his home and live-streamed him ringing the ceremonial bell on Zoom to over 200 people around the world, including doctors and nurses who treated him.

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