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13 Things Mentally Strong People Do Not Do.



1- Feel Sorry For Themselves
Sitting around feeling sorry about their particular circumstance or how they have been treated is not an aspect that is a concern. They understand that life is not always fair.

2- Give Away Power
Letting others control their behaviors is not something mentally strong people allow. They will be able to have a choice of a response to a situation.

3 – Avoid Change
Change is welcomed in a positive way as mentally strong people are able to be flexible. They have the ability to adapt.

4 – Waste Time On Aspects Out of Their Control
Certain situations are often out of an individual’s control. Mentally strong people will concentrate only on the things in life that they can control. Their attitude is the one thing that they control.

5- Try to Please Everyone
Trying to please everybody all the time is not practical. A mentally strong person will say “no” if there is a need to speak up. They are patient when people get upset.

6 – Fear Calculated Risks
Taking calculated risks is common for a mentally strong person. They do not make choices that can be foolish or reckless. Risks are weighed before a decision is made.

7 – Dwell on the Past
Dwelling on the past or wishing things in life could be different is not something that a mentally strong person will do. They are able to learn from the past to better their life. Another aspect is to plan for the future by living in the present.

8 – Make the Same Mistakes Twice
Accepting responsibility for past mistakes or their behavior is common for mentally strong people. The same mistakes are not being made again and again. They learn to make better choices in the future.

9 – Resent the Success of Others
The success of other people is celebrated by mentally strong people. They are not jealous when people achieve success and now hard work is necessary to reach intended goals.

10 – Quit After One Failure
Giving up after one failure is not an aspect of mentally strong people. They will see that failure will be an opportunity for improvement and growth. These people will keep working until they have achieved the desired outcome.

11 – Fear Time Alone
Tolerating being alone and fearing silence are not aspects shared by mentally strong people. They have the ability to be productive when alone or have any downtime that is available. The companionship of others is not something that is important for obtaining pleasure.

12 – Feel They Are Owed Something
Mentally strong people do not have a chip on their shoulder. They do not feel entitled to specific things in life. Looking for opportunities that are based on individual merits is common.

13 – Expect Immediate Results
Expecting immediate results is not common for mentally strong people. They understand that time will be necessary for real change to occur.

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