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15-Year-Old Cancer Hero Celebrates the End of His Chemo Journey



15-Year-Old Cancer Hero Celebrates the End of His Chemo Journey

Cancer is never easy to live with or treat. Cancer in the middle of a pandemic is even harder. For one boy from Webster, New York, that is his story.

The little one had been fighting Leukemia for almost half his life. But not to worry, this is a story of triumph. He never gave up, and neither did his family.

We don’t always need capes and masks to be superheroes; this is a lesson learned from Anthony Lattierre. This brave 5-year-old boy had been battling cancer for two years to treat Leukemia.

The 801 days of chemo came to an end, and the entire neighborhood came together to celebrate with Anthony and his family – from a safe distance.

It hasn’t been an easy journey, especially since the world is right in the middle of a pandemic. According to Robin, his mother, Anthony, has been through a hard battle. She commends his strength and bravery for going through the whole process, however hard, and emerging strong.

When a patient finishes their chemotherapy, it is tradition to ring the bell to mark the journey’s end. The bell-ringing occasion is usually held at the hospital. However, for 5-year-old Anthony, the bell ringing was done in style and away from the hospital.


Robin arranged for a neighborhood parade to welcome him home after his chemotherapy journey. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the group has had to celebrate from afar. As such, the ceremony was characterized by honking, cheering, waves, and a lot of smiles.

The parade had a superhero theme. Robin explained that her son had been such a hero throughout the chemo, and it was only befitting that he gets a superhero welcome. It has been weeks since Anthony finished his chemo, and he is well, healthy, and happy.

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