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2-Year-Old Wins Fight Against Rare Stage 3 Ovarian Cancer, Then Rings Victory Bell



2-Year-Old Wins Fight Against Rare Stage 3 Ovarian Cancer, Then Rings Victory Bell

McKenna Shea Xydias may be just two years old, but she has conquered a lot already in her short life  than most people have to in their entire lives.

According to PEOPLE, the 2-year-old managed to defy and beat a rare type of ovarian cancer, now, her bravery is being applauded.

After initially struggling to diagnose McKenna, doctors found out that she was suffering from an unusual form of ovarian cancer.

At first, McKenna’s pediatrician confused her symptoms with being digestive problems or trapped gas.

Speaking to Good Morning America McKenna’s dad explained, “We took her to the doctor. At that point they thought it was gas, so they told us to give her gas drops and let them know if she got any more fevers.”

When the baby girl’s health continued to deteriorate, with fever-like symptoms despite getting medicines to calm her fever and get rid of the gas, doctors decided to run more tests.

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An ultrasound showed a series of masses growing inside McKenna’s tiny body.

The two year old had several tumors including one in her liver and another in her right ovary. They were all malignant and had to be quickly removed.

The doctors were forced to remove one of baby McKenna’s ovary and a part of her small intestine. They then put her through four rounds of chemotherapy.

McKenna’s family created Facebook page dedicated for her to keep their friends and family members updated with her health condition.

McKenna Shea Xydias

McKenna Shea Xydias

Thankfully, McKenna responded very well to the treatment and she defeated her cancer!

This brave little fighter was able to ‘ring the bell’ to symbolize that she’d beaten cancer.

Our prayers and well wishes go out to baby McKenna and her whole family! What an incredibly inspiring girl!

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