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4 Year Old Asks His Pregnant Mom to Delay Her Labor and Come Home: ‘We Need You Mama’



4-year-old Bryce is certainly such a charmer! He did his best to melt his mom’s heart in an attempt to convince her to come home from the hospital, where she had gone to deliver Bryce’s new baby sister but Bryce came prepared to convince his mom that he immediately needed her back home and that she could delay the birth for another day. Bryce’s mom, Glow Wilson, recorded his adorable spiel and posted it to Instagram, where it has since received thousands of views and comments.

While Wilson says her son has always been affectionate towards her, it’s not everyday he brings her flowers and she did not expect him to  say all of the sweet and surprising things he said in a bid to get her to leave. She said,  “It felt so wonderful hearing what he was saying, I felt I just had to record it. The things he was saying were so special, and it really showed me he understood what needing me meant.”

“We need you. We need our mama. We need you to stay alive and we don’t want nothing to happen to you,” Bryce pleads. Then, Wilson tries to remind Bryce why she is there in the first place, but little Bryce tells his mom that the doctors could deliver his sister “tomorrow.” And she tells him that doctors aren’t planning to take the baby out until days later. Wilson tries to comfort Bryce by reminding him he stills has his siblings and father at home to which he replies, “I don’t need no brothers, I don’t need no dad. I just need you!”

Luckily, Bryce did not have to wait long after his visit for his mom to come home. Wilson gave birth to her daughter, Dream, via C-section, just a day later. She says her baby girl is doing well and “growing every day,” and Bryce loves his new little sister even if she kept mom away for a few days.

“Bryce really has an awesome personality,” Wilson says. “He is always affectionate, and hopefully everyone can get to see him for who he is all the time.”

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