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5 Year Old Girl Saves Mom From Drowning When She Has A Seizure In The Pool.



Often people talk about how strong a mother’s instincts are when it comes to their children, but in this case, it is proven that even your little one’s instincts to protect their mom are just as strong as they would do anything necessary when required to.

For mom Tracy Anderwald, a typical day at the pool with her five year old daughter, Allison, turned disastrous when the mom started having a seizure, fortunately enough, there was an unlikely hero nearby!

As the mom and daughter duo enjoyed a swim in a relative’s pool, Tracey suddenly had a seizure and stayed a whole five minutes under water before her little daughter jumped right in and used all of her strength to pull her to the shallow end before running to get help.

Even though Allison is just a small child, she did all she had to do to help her mom when she needed it the most. The proud mom later revealed that her little girl had learnt how to swim at just two and half years old. The whole incident was captured on security footage, you wont believe your eyes!

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