Most times, people tend to overlook little gestures when they are the ones that give us comfort. But that was not the case for India Marshall.

India Marshall, a 29-year-old from Charlotte, had bone growths on her head that required immediate surgery.

Before the surgery, India had no idea how the surgeon was going to get the incisions done without her hair getting in the way; So she washed and detangled her curly hair.

Woman Reacts after Surgeon Braids Her Hair Moments Before Surgery

“I had no clue how he was going to get those incisions done,” she told The Lily.

When India woke and unbandaged her head, she realized someone had braided her hair.

She said: “Oh! Someone put braids in my hair.”

At first, India thought that maybe it was the nurses who braided her hair, but when she went for her post-op appointment, she discovered it wasn’t the nurses. It was Dr. Jewell Greywoode, a surgeon at Charlotte Eye Ear Nose and Throat Associates Uptown.

Woman Reacts after Surgeon Braids Her Hair Moments Before Surgery

“When he came in the room, he was talking to me, and he started taking out my staples,” India said. “He mentioned, ‘I hope I didn’t do too bad on your braids.'” “And I was like, ‘Wait, what? You did that?'”

Dr. Greywoode disclosed that his younger sister taught him how to braid, and now he braids his daughter’s hair.

Greywoode was also careful when closing India’s incision, so her hair wouldn’t have to be cut.

“The fact that it was braided up and parted in a way where I could clearly get to all the incisions,” Marshall says. “It just made my life completely easier.”

To Dr. Greywoode, it was a simple gesture from a doctor to a patient, but to India, it was an indication of someone seeing her for who she is.

Thank you, Dr. Greywoode, for a simple gesture that has touched the heart of many. Please SHARE this story if you want to see more doctors like Greywoode.