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6 Things You Didn’t Know Children Inherit Only from Their Fathers.



Your viewpoints and beliefs would undoubtedly look a lot different without your dad`s influence. After all, how would you know how to ride a bike without training wheels or how to tie your shoes properly? The role of the father has significantly changed over the last years. In the 1960s only 10 percent of children were raised by their moms, compared to today, when up to 40 percent of children grow in a single parent household. Without a father figure, children are less likely to do well in school and to have financial stability in later years.

In fact, it has been scientifically shown that children in father-absent homes are more likely to be poor. The effects on the emotional and spiritual health are tremendous, too. This article deals with the influence fathers have on their children… through DNA!

6 Traits You Only Inherit From Your Father

1. Genetic Mutations

According to a 2015 study in Nature Genetics, about 60 percent of fathers` genes were more expressive than mothers`.  So, while you get half of the DNA from each parent, the genetic material isn’t split equally. If you inherit a genetic mutation from your dad, it is more likely to manifest than if you inherit it from the mother.

2. Your Gender

Babies get a combo of chromosomes from both the father and the mother, but given that women have X chromosomes only, they can only pass on an “X” sex chromosome to their baby. Men have XY chromosomes, so they can either pass on an “X” chromosome (which combined with the other “X” will make a girl) or pass on a “Y” chromosome (which will make a boy).

3. Your Heart Disease Risk

Men carrying the haplogroup I Y chromosome are 50 percent more likely to have heart disease and pass this on their sons.  However, given that it is only found on the Y chromosomes, the same risk isn’t passed on to their daughters.

4. Mental Health

Older men suffering from ADHD or schizophrenia are more likely to pass it to their children. This happens to elderly individuals due to the fact that their DNA changes with age.  As women are born with all of their eggs, the DNA they pass on to their offspring doesn’t change.

5. Crooked Teeth… or Good Dental Health

Male genes for dental health are more expressed than the ones from the mother.  However, this could be a good thing, though.  If your mother had to have braces, but your dad`s teeth are healthy and flawless, you are less likely to wear braces.

6. Fatherhood Itself

Luckily, infertility doesn’t stop people from becoming parents.  But, a study by the Journal of Human Reproduction suggests that fathers who conceive through IVF treatment should know that their own sons are at higher risk of struggling with infertility themselves.