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60 farmers harvest 1,200-acre farm for neighbor with stage 4 cancer — Amazing act



No one loves to be sick because it makes us weak. Those who find themselves with serious illnesses become so weak that they can’t even work — and when they are unable to work they can’t fend for themselves and their families.

Larry Yockey, a 63-year-old from Ritzville, Washington was diagnosed with stage 4 skin cancer. Before the diagnosis, Larry was still able to work on his 1,200-acre farm but with time he became weak and he couldn’t work anymore.

60 farmers harvest 1,200-acre farm for neighbor with stage 4 cancer — Amazing act

Larry’s cancer had spread since his diagnosis leaving him with no option but to stop working on his farm.

“Cancer has spread to my bones, so I have a broken hip and ribs,” Larry said to WCNC.

When his fellow farmers in Adams County became aware of his situation, they started organizing a harvest for the 4th generation farmer.

A number of farmers stepped up although they had their own farms to work on. According to sources, the group of farmers spent 3 months preparing all the necessary tools to harvest Larry’s 1,200-acre farm.

“They stepped in unbeknownst to me and said don’t worry about the harvest, we’ll handle it for you,” Larry said.

The farmers did 3-weeks-worth of work in just 6 hours as Larry, his wife, and their three daughters watched in amazement.

Larry couldn’t express how thankful he was for his neighbors.

“It’s not describable the gratitude I have for what’s going on,” he said.

“I’m just glad to be here and help where I can and where I’m needed,” said Mike Doyle, one of the farmers who helped, according to CBS News.

Larry is so lucky to have such caring neighbors and friends. This story warmed my heart and encouraged me to continue doing good for other people.

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