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Two men save a stranger trapped by fire while others allegedly stayed put recording



Two young men have been called heroes after risking their lives to save a stranger trapped by a fire.

One Sunday afternoon, Marcus Harvey and his friend Tre Jones were walking around in the neighborhood when they smelled smoke nearby.

They noticed a house was on fire. Shockingly, people were in the yard filming while screams could be heard coming from the burning house.
Marcus and Tre knew they had to help. So they swung into action, kicked the door open, releasing smoke and allowing oxygen into the house that fed the fire.

They knew they had to act fast. Since screams could be heard, Marcus and Tre followed the screams and found a 56-year-old man on the floor. They quickly carried him out to safety.

As per reports, 56-year-old, Guy Tarlton, had been cooking dinner and fell asleep. As he was sleeping, grease and food in the kitchen ignited, setting the house ablaze.

The two heroes had never been in Guy’s home before. When they busted the door open, they weren’t even sure if they could reach him in time.

The rescue team arrived and took Guy to the hospital for treatment. At last check, he was in critical but stable condition. Members of the Marion community have called Marcus and Tre heroes after risking their lives to save Guy.

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We wish Guy Tarlton a Quick recovery.



A Boy From A Struggling Family Returns Wallet He Found On The Ground To Its Rightful Owner



A Boy From A Struggling Family Returns Wallet He Found On The Ground To Its Rightful Owner

We all know the sense of panic that comes when you lose your wallet or your purse. Having your important documents like driving license, credit cards, and insurance cards fall in the wrong hands can be frustrating.

Chase Dahlke recently lost his wallet but luckily a kind soul found it.

11-year-old Vince Hietpas was taking a walk with his Dad, Lorenzo, at a local park when he saw a wallet on the ground.

A Boy From A Struggling Family Returns Wallet He Found On The Ground To Its Rightful Owner

Source: Santeri Viinamaki/Wikimedia

Since no one was looking for the wallet, Vince picked it up and looked inside. He found a $2 bill and a driver’s license. He looked up the address so that he could get the wallet back to its rightful owner.

Without wasting time, Vince and his dad were on the way to the home determined to return the wallet.

When they got to the home Vince walked to the front door and pressed the doorbell.

The homeowners were at their neighbor’s at the time. Luckily they had a video doorbell that they used to speak with Vince.

Jason and his son, Chase, who had lost the wallet met up with Vince and his father and thanked them for their kindness. Jason’s family had wished they could reward them but they only had $2 at hand. So they gave Vince the money and thanked them once again.

Once Vince and his father had left, Chase’s family felt like they need to show more gratitude to Vince since they had gone above and beyond.

So Chase’s mom, Michelle, shared a photo of Vince on Facebook and informed her friends that her family wanted to reward him for returning Chase’s wallet.

Vince’s family has been struggling financially because of the pandemic. Lorenzo had contracted Coronavirus and recovered. But he still struggles with breathing which made him lose his job at the meat-packing factory.

Lorenzo has since been trying to get a job in any way possible so that he could be able to provide for his family.

When Michelle asked Vince what reward he wanted for returning the wallet. Vince said that he wanted socks, as he was currently sharing his socks with his dad.

So Michelle started a GoFundme for Vince’s family and gave Vince lots of socks so he doesn’t have to share with his father anymore.

They have managed to raise over $10,000 to help Vince’s family during the ongoing pandemic.

A Boy From A Struggling Family Returns Wallet He Found On The Ground To Its Rightful Owner

People all over America have been sending gifts to Vince’s family. We hope the donations and gifts they received will be able to sustain them at this difficult time.

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Brave Teen Has Been Called A Hero After He Stepped In To Save A Child From Dog Attack



People who risk their lives to save others from dangerous situations are truly heroes. Like 19-year-old Grant Brown who risked his safety to save Mason Lindman from a dog attack.

One afternoon Mason and his friends were playing outside their home when a wild Pitbull charged at them. Mason’s two friends ran to safety while screaming leaving Mason behind.

Jillian Lindman, Mason’s mother, had assumed the kids were playing when she heard the screams. But when she saw the fear in the kid’s eyes, she knew her son’s life was in danger.

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Brave Teen Has Been Called A Hero After He Stepped In To Save A Child From Dog Attack


Lindman rushed outside to try and help her son only to find someone else was already at the scene.

Help arrives

Brown had come sprinting down the road determined to save Mason who was being attacked by the wild dog.

“As soon as I noticed, I just ran over there without thinking. And I didn’t know how, but I knew I had to get the dog off of the boy,” Brown said.

The pit bull glared at Brown and it could tell he was a bigger threat than Mason. So it charged at Brown.

Brave Teen Has Been Called A Hero After He Stepped In To Save A Child From Dog Attack


Mason ran towards his mother and friends not taking for granted the chance to escape.

Brown kept on running away from the wild dog. But when he got to the lawn of his home, He tripped. Soon the pit bull was upon him, tearing his flesh.

Brown tackled the dog pushing its mouth away. The dog got scared and ran away.

Brown survived a few cuts from the dog but he would be okay.

Brave Teen Has Been Called A Hero After He Stepped In To Save A Child From Dog Attack


Mason on the other hand was rushed to the hospital where he received treatment and a couple of staples from the emergency procedure.

Jillian called Brown a hero for risking his life and saving her son. If it were not for his quick action, things could have turned out worse.

Jillian Lindman said: “I just wanna give the guy a hug, you know — There’s nothing I could do, but just say ‘thank you.’”

Brave Teen Has Been Called A Hero After He Stepped In To Save A Child From Dog Attack

Grant Brown

The wild dog was eventually surrendered to Montgomery County Animal Control and the owner issued with a police citation.

Grant Brown’s quick response was able to save Mason’s life. Brown is truly a hero to Mason and all of us.

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Teen mom passes moment after grandma snaps a photo of her holding her smiling newborn



Newborns bring instant love into our lives and give us amazing moments to remember, but for one grandma this wonderful occasion was filled with heartache.

On September 9, Abbie Hallawell welcomed her first grandson, Parker John, into this world. But sadly her 17-year-old daughter, Teegan Barnard, was left brain-dead.

Teegan gave birth to a healthy boy weighing 9lb 90z but developed serious birth complications and suffered cardiac arrest. Sadly she passed a few weeks later.

Baby Parker will be raised by his father and grandma.

Abbie said that she will do everything possible to make sure her grandson knows how much his mother loved him.

She said: “She would have been the best mummy in the world. She had so much love for him.”

“I miss her so much, it’s unbearable. I can’t imagine the future without her — I’d do anything to have her back.”

Abbie made sure Teegan held her baby in her arms during her final moments. She even took photos to show to Parker as he grows up.

She said: “Seeing Parker in his mummy’s arms where he belongs has been so important to me.”

The heartbroken grandma captured a photo of Parker smiling while lying next to his mother in her final moments.

“I put them together at every possible moment,” Abbie says. “Now she has gone, we dress Parker in vests with his mum’s picture on. I want to keep her close to him always.”

My prayers go to Teegan’s family as they try to come to terms with their loss. I’m glad Parker will grow up knowing how much his mother loved him.

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Wife Induces labor early so that husband could meet newborn baby before He passes away



It’s always heartwarming to see a father holding their newborn baby in their arms. But for one father who was living his final moments, it was totally heartbreaking.

Mark Aulger, 52, was diagnosed with pulmonary fibrosis at the time when his wife, Diane, was carrying their fifth child.

The news became bittersweet when Aulger’s family discovered that he had little time left on this earth.

In 2011, Aulger’s family celebrated Christmas together thinking Mark had beaten cancer. Mark was looking forward to holding his newborn daughter the following year. But by January 3, 2012, Mark was hospitalized again after struggling to breathe.

According to the doctors, chemotherapy had ruined Mark’s lungs and he was diagnosed with pulmonary fibrosis.

The doctors estimated Mark had only about a week left to live. The news came just a month before Diane was due for delivery.

Before Mark could go home and be with the Lord, he had just one last dying wish. He wanted to hold his newborn baby in his arms.

Diane was determined to make her husband’s last wish came true. So with help from doctors, she induced labor two weeks early to make her husband’s wish come true.

Dying father holding his newborn baby girl

On January 18, Mark Aulger was moved into a large delivery room by the hospital staff. He lay in his bed while Diane delivered their newborn baby girl two weeks early.

It was the sweetest yet heartbreaking moment to see Mark holding his baby.

“The day she was born his oxygen levels were really high, He held her for 45 minutes. Him and I just cried that whole time,” Diane told ABC News.

A few days later Mark passed peacefully while surrounded by his family including his newborn baby Savannah who was in his arms.

There is no doubt that Mark loved his family so much. May his soul continue resting in peace.

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Struggling single mom wins the lottery and donates winnings to police officer fighting for his life



Struggling single mom wins the lottery and donates winnings to police officer fighting for his life

A single mother, who was going through a lot of challenges, won the lottery and decided to donate the winnings to a police officer fighting for his life in the intensive care unit.

Shetara Sims, a mother of one, was having a difficult time coping after she lost her job because of the Coronavirus pandemic.

One day Sims was walking by the grocery store when she found a $1 bill at the parking lot. She used the money to buy a scratch-off ticket and ended up winning $100 from the ticket.

Struggling single mom wins the lottery and donates winnings to police officer fighting for his life

Sim’s 12-year-old daughter, Rakiya, suggested that they donate the winnings to a Missouri police officer who was shot in the line of duty and remains in ICU.

“She won $100, and I said we should donate it to the police officer that got shot for his family to go eat and see him,” Rakiya said. Sims agreed with her daughter and went ahead to donate the money anonymously.

Single Mom Donates Lottery Winnings to Police In ICU

Sims knows the lengths that police officers go for the communities they serve. She saw that firsthand back in 2012 when her daughter, Rakiya’s sister, was murdered in Kansas City.

She said the detectives were there for her family more than anyone.

“[The officers] came to see my kids. They did a lot. They were fathers, therapists, they were everything. I’ve never seen the empathy that they had from strangers. They just gave us hope. They were good for us.”

After donating the money to the police, officers from the Kansas City Missouri Police Department appreciated her act of kindness so much and spent days tracking her down.

“To hear her call and just express thanks for no reason other than she’s thankful, it’s really impactful to us, and it’s really touching to us,” said police Sgt. Jake Becchina.

Once they identified Sims, the police officers started a GoFundMe donation in order to raise money to help Sims and her family through the hard times.

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