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7-year-old left with blisters and burns after getting henna tattoo on vacation



No matter how hard parents try, sometimes it’s hard to keep their children out of harm’s way. Even though there’s nothing they can do to prevent their suffering, they still feel it more so than their own. Now imagine how much it hurts when the parent has unintentionally caused the pain, either by mistake or lack of knowledge.

One 7-year-old girl from United Kingdom may be scarred for the rest of her life after her father allowed her to get a black henna tattoo while on holiday in Egypt.

It all started when the mother of the family, 43-year-old Sylvia Gulliver had a gall bladder infection and was rushed to the hospital. Sylvia spent two days in the hospital and her young kids were on their best behavior.

Martins, their father, decided to reward his kids for behaving well while their mother was in hospital. He told the kids they could have a treat of their choice. Madison decided to get a black henna tattoo like the ones she had seen on other tourists.

With permission from her dad she had her hands tattoted at the hotel where the family was staying. Madison’s brother also got a henna tattoo but washed it off after experiencing irritation.

7-year-old Madison kept her tattoo only to feel it itching upon the family’s return home.

Situation worsens

It wasn’t long before the itching worsened causing a series of blisters. The irritation was caused by paraphenylenediamine (PPD), a chemical within the tattoo.

Things got pretty bad that she had to be taken to a specialist burns unit in hospital. She has since been left with scars that could remain for life.

“She is potentially scarred for life after getting a black henna tattoo,” said Martins, as per the Daily Mail.

“The tattoo was done in the hotel’s salon and they claim it’s not the henna and that it’s my daughter’s skin. She has blisters from her finger to her elbow and is in so much pain. We were entirely unaware of the dangers and I think they should warn of this in the brochures.

“I think it’s partly my fault because I didn’t know about it, but also the fault of the salon because they are using dangerous chemicals on children. We would have thought that the travel agents would have had concerns about this.

“We want to get the message out to other people.”

Poor little Madison was referred a scar management unit and will have to wear a pressure bandage for at least six months to limit the damage.

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