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8 Year Old Boy Returns Lost Wallet, $1,700 To Mugging Victim.



When an 8-year-old upstate New York boy found a wallet loaded with seventeen 100 dollar bills, his first thought was to return the wallet to its rightful owner, and that is exactly what he did. WCBS-TV reports Frankie Burns spotted the wallet on the grass when he and his football team arrived at a playoffs game. Instead of sneakily shoving the wallet into his football pants, the fourth-grader from Washingtonville in Orange County immediately took the wallet to his father  with the goal to find the rightful owner. And yes, Frankie and his father knew there was one thousand seven hundred dollars in the wallet!

After tracking down the owner via a dental appointment card found in the wallet, the boy and his father were able to get in contact with the rightful owner and return it t his family.They say the man had recently been released from the hospital after a mugging.

The victim had dropped his wallet after the attack and needed the cash for his rent.Burns says the man gave him $100 for the act of kindness. The boy he’s going to buy a pair of soccer cleats with the reward.

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There’s more to this beautiful story that you just can’t miss. Besides admirable honesty and a good show of integrity,, the video below also describes the misfortunes that had happened to the victim and explained how the victim reacted when his wallet is returned to him.