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80 Year Old Hailed ‘Supergran’ After She Bravely Intervened In A Moped Robbery!


An 80 year old woman, Rosemary Bodger,  has been hailed a ‘supergran’ after she bravely intervened in a moped robbery. Recently, the grandmother of three was shopping in London’s North End when a security camera caught her in the act of heroism. Bodger, who served in the Women’s Royal Naval Service for four years in the 1950s, was so ‘incensed’ when she witnessed two men on mopeds trying to steal another man’s Vespa that she sprang into action – grabbing the scooter’s handlebars.

In  the footage, you can see two men on a bike trying to wrestle a scooter away from a third man, later identified as Stefan Cooper. They’d apparently been following him for several blocks. Cooper, 47, told The Evening Standard that he had noticed them, but didn’t think things would get so bad that fast. His original plan was to drive to the police station.

Cooper fought to stay on his bike, before Bodger noticed what was happening across the street.  “I didn’t think twice. I don’t run away. I was in the Wrens (Women’s Royal Naval Service) and I thought ‘no way are they having that!’” she told Metro. The 80-year-old woman rushed towards the bike and grabbed the handlebars, while shouting for police. She said,“I saw this man being chased right near me and I thought ‘oh crumbs I better do something. I started shouting ‘police!’ as loud as I could.”

Her action, coupled with yelling for assistance, drew the attention of several people standing by. Within moments, a man in a suit and two construction workers ran over brandishing copper poles and chased off the would-be thieves. “I wanted to stop them moving it, they would have had to run over me to get it away,” Bodger said. She added, “I’m a keen feminist and I want people to see that there are 80-year-olds out there doing things with fighting spirit.”

While everyone who watches the video is left in shock by the elderly woman’s response, her husband, Hugh Bodger, is not the least bit surprised. He said,“That’s what she is like, it’s her Scottish side coming out. Her aunt warned me on our wedding day ‘the Robinsons are fierce when roused,’” he told the Evening Standard.

Cooper said he was a little terrified by the crime and while the thieves managed to take the keys out of his ignition as he was still driving, he  is very grateful to the everyday citizens who came to his rescue. “It’s sad that people have to take the law into their own hands but I’m so grateful,” he said.