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Actor Mario Lopez Is Baptized In Jordan River: ‘I Have Decided to Follow Jesus’



Actor Mario Lopez Is Baptized In Jordan River: ‘I Have Decided to Follow Jesus’

Popular actor and TV personality, Mario Lopez got baptized in the same river that Jesus Christ was baptized in by John the Baptist and is now professing the name of Jesus! Can you imagine how powerful that must have felt? Publicly declaring your faith in the same place our Lord was at thousands of years before!

Sharing the moving moment captured on video with us, Mario Lopez speaks out and says, “We are at the Jordan River where John the Baptist baptized Jesus Christ. I’m about to get baptized. It’s a beautiful day. There’s a really cool Catholic priest that’s gonna do me the honors. And there’s a sermon going on right now. So I’m going to join these fine folks and then, bam! It’s on!


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In a video clip, Lopez can be seen standing right on the edge of the Sea of Galilee. “This is where Jesus walked on water and the River Jordan runs into the sea, and that’s where, of course, Jesus got baptized, which I’m gonna be doing!” He says excitedly.

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Lopez was then led into the river by the two priests, before being asked, “Do you believe in Jesus Christ? And do you intend to serve him all your life?”

“Yes, I do,” Mario Lopez declared. He was then submerged into the water and baptized in the name of Jesus! The tourists who were present and witnessing the moment broke into the beautiful song, “I Have Decided To Follow Jesus.”

“Thank you. Beautiful people here. This is awesome. Wow. I just got baptized in the Jordan River. Hallelujah.” Lopez said as he was exiting the river.

Back in 2015, speaking to Fox News Latino, Mario Lopez spoke of the vital importance of his strong faith in God. He explained, “I think as I’ve gotten older, I’ve just tried to build a more spiritual muscle in a business that is very unpredictable. It’s nice to have something that is consistent in our life, family and faith is that for me.”

This sure is a moment Mario Lopez will hold dear for the rest of his life.