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Adorable Baby Displays an Array of Emotions in Under One Minute after Waking Up



Parents can attest to the urge to watch over their sleeping newborns and film every moment of their lives. They want to enjoy the little smiles of their babies as they sleep.

For one father, this curiosity was heavily rewarded when he captured a minute of his son’s emotional rollercoaster soon as he wakes up. This is one of those things that you have to see to realize how epic it is.


It is common for babies to wake up in the middle of the night for a feed or just to relax, stretch then go back to sleep. On one of such sleepless nights, little Oliver’s father was around to ensure that he was okay. He must have been filming this adorable little one as he woke up to a gamut of emotions.

In less than a minute, little Oliver’s face registered a series of emotions. After a good yawn, his face changed almost instantly to a frown, then to surprise. Before the father could even breathe, the expression turned to fear, then disgust.


The disgusted face scrolled as if Oliver was angry and on the verge of crying. The expression then turned to a relaxed one as his eyes adjusted to the light. The whole emotional rollercoaster was accompanied by stretching and a slight show of discomfort as if wanting to change positions.

From the video, Oliver’s father is heard asking him how he slept, to which he replies with a broad smile. The dad continues the conversation with his son, whose reply was constant smiles. When Oliver’s dad shared this moment online, he had no idea that it would go viral, with more than 10 million views as of now.


There is no telling what was going through little Oliver’s mind through all these emotional transitions. It was just a lucky moment that his father was there to capture this surreal moment.

Oliver’s parents now have a YouTube Channel where they share his growth progress. Oliver is now a happy, thriving seven-year-old. You can follow his progress on the channel For the ORB

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