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Autistic Boy’s Quick Thinking Saves His Classmates From a Burning Bus.



A school bus that was transporting seven children with special needs back home had a mechanical problem that caused a fire to start up on the bus. It had just passed the Garden State Park in New Jersey when the problem occurred.

Thanks to the quick thinking of Alex Perez, a 10 year old who has autism, who noticed that the bus was on fire and instantly brought it to the attention of the driver by yelling. Speaking to reporters, Alex said, “I smelled it and I looked towards the front and saw smoke coming from the entrance.”

The bus driver immediately pulled over when he saw the smoke and by the time he stopped the vehicle responders were already at the scene to pull the children out of the burning bus.

“I wasn’t worried at first but when I started to see it catch on fire, I’m so glad I was not on it.” He explained. His mother, Michelle Perez, explained that Alex’s autism may have contributed to his quick thinking and that he always has sharp senses. She believed that it’s because of that he was able to notice the fire and alerted the driver and all the children were put to safety before it was too late.

Alex was of great help but despite that he stayed humble about the role he played in the bus incident. Despite all the chaos he had to witness from the bus burning to the children being taken to safety, at the end of the day he was a hero for saving 8 lives.

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