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Baby Elephant Collapses In The Middle Of The Road, What Herd Does Next Leaves Drivers In Shock!



One of the most incredible things ever was witnessed in South Africa’s Kruger National Park not too long ago. A few lucky people who got to witness the unusual scene were able to record the whole incident. A number of elephants were making their way down the road when a baby elephant collapsed in the middle of their path and blocked the way. The drivers were kind enough to give the elephant a chance to get back up.

A couple of moments later, the rest of the elephant’s herd made their way onto the scene. What they did next left everyone watching absolutely amazed. Knowing that the baby elephant would be exposed to a lot of danger if he remained on the road, they tried to coax the baby elephant to stand up but to no avail.

Upon realizing that the little one would not be able to get back on his feet by himself. they surrounded their fallen loved one to make sure that the baby elephant would be shielded from passing vehicles. A short while later the herd seemed to have come up with a plan to get the baby elephant to safety before it was too late.

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The baby elephant seems to be a little too exhausted and simply had no strength to rejoin the rest of the herd. This clip is the perfect reminder of the importance of family -when we fall down, they are always going to be there to pick us up.