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Baby Is Comforted By Daddy Doll That Looks And Sounds Like Military Dad.



In an adorable video that is melting hearts across the internet, Nathan who is a six months old baby boy from South Carolina, is beyond excited and finds comfort in seeing and cuddling a stuffed daddy doll that looks like his dad who is in the military.

Nathan’s  mom, 23 year old Deanna Briscoe, revealed that her husband, Chase Briscoe, has been deployed in Poland since May. However, they make sure that their son stays in constant touch with his dad through constant calls on Facetime. Speaking to InsideEdition, Deanna said, “Chase and Nathan have this crazy special bond.”

While he was still at home, Chase would tuck his little boy in every night, when he got deployed Nathan stopped sleeping. “He would just cry and cry and cry. We tried absolutely everything and we didn’t know why he wasn’t sleeping apart from the fact that my husband was gone.” Deanna said.

So the mom decided to get little Nathan a “daddy doll” to see if it would help. “Daddy dolls” are plush toy replicas of military dads that can be customized with any image and voice note.

So Deanna had a picture of her husband in his Army uniform printed on the doll. She then had her husband record the words, “Nathan, Daddy loves you. I’ll be home soon” and had the voice note inserted in the doll.

Deanna said, “As soon as we got the doll, we definitely noticed a difference. It had his dad’s voice inside of it and we play it for him every single night before he goes to sleep and when he’s fussy.” She also puts the doll in her son’s crib with him when he sleeps.

Chase’s deployment ends in nine months, by the time he gets back home to his family, little Nathan will be one. Deanna said she wants to make sure her son recognizes his dad when he finally gets back home next March. “I really want Nathan to be able to recognize his dad. I really want him to be like, ‘OK, that’s my dad’ when we go and see him for the first time at homecoming.”