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Baby Sleeps Peacefully In Santa’s Arms, But Watch What Happens When He Starts To Snore.



The idea of Santa excites some children and they end up having the time of their lives, however some kids end up crying and screaming on Santa’s lap maybe because they find sitting on a stranger’s lap more scary than exciting. But that wasn’t an issue at all for this adorable  little one. Baby Locke was so comfortable in Santa’s arms that he fell right asleep!

His parents who were looking to have some photos of their child with Santa, quickly snapped some sweet pictures of the two together.  Santa even pretended to be asleep too so it looked like they were napping together.

But once they got the adorable photos, the family decided to have a little fun.  Locke’s grandmother, who is a professional photographer and was taking the photos that day, said they came up with the idea because Locke wakes up like that anytime someone burps or coughs. How cute is that!

She said, “But the dog barking doesn’t bother him at all. Go Figure!” Watch what happens when Santa starts to snore! This is such a sweet and precious Christmas memory! We’re quite sure baby Locke’s family will be pulling out this video and laughing for a number of Christmases to come!