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Babysitter Donates Liver To Save Baby She Cared For Who Was Waiting For A Transplant.



Kiersten Miles took a job with the Rosko family last summer to care for their 10 month old baby girl,Talia. The child was on the organ transplant waiting list to receive a new liver because she was born with a disease that can cause liver failure. Kiersten says it didn’t take her long to become attached to Talia, a sweet little girl who she says is always happy despite her illness. So Kiersten decided to find out if she could be of help. When she learned that she was the same blood type as Talia, she wanted to see if she could be a match. Fortunately, tests showed that she was, and she agreed to go through with the operation, meaning that she was willing to donate part of her liver to Talia.

Now, it has been a few weeks since the operation, and the pair are doing well and Talia’s family is so grateful to Kiersten who they say is now part of their family.

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