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Biker Helps Old Lady Cross The Road After Cars Ignore Her at Zebra Crossing



Biker Helps Old Lady Cross The Road After Cars Ignore Her at Zebra Crossing

In a heart warming video that is fast going viral, a biker stopped at a zebra crossing, got off his bike and helped an old lady cross the road after cars seemed not to make any attempt at stopping and letting her cross.

The act of kindness was caught on video by Angela McAdam Blakely, from North Ayrshire, who later posted it on her Facebook account.

She captioned the video, “I recently witnessed an act of kindness outside my window. They say bikers are rough and ready but they stopped to help an older lady across the road.”

In the video, the old lady approaches the crossing and after two cars ignore her presence and zoom through, the biker pulls to a halt, gets off his motorbike and offers the old woman his arm as he helps her cross the road.

When she is safely on the other side of the road, he then walks back, rejoins his fellow bikers who were waiting on him the whole time and soon they are on their way again.

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When she posted the video clip on Facebook, Angela further added,  “Three times this has happened,” implying the said biker has helped others a couple of times before.

The video garnered a number of comments regarding the biker’s kindness, with one person saying, “Lovely to see good manners still exist.”

Another person added, “What a lovely guy for helping the lady across the road.”

Often, people tend to associate bikers with a bad-boy image surrounded with violence and gang activity, but this sweet act of kindness might just be a clear lesson of not judging a book by its cover.

It’s moments like this that absolutely restore your faith in humanity!