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Man Blind For 16 Years Gets to See His Wife and Son for the First Time – Tears!



It’s disturbing how most of us take little life miracles for granted, the fact that we can see, walk, touch and even feel. It is through our eyes that we can see the beautiful world we’re living in, the faces of our loved ones and even the amazing nature of life itself. But for Gene Purdie things are pretty different.

Gene Purdie suffers from a condition called Stargardt’s disease. Due to this condition, Gene can only see the outline of things in front of him. He has never gotten the chance to see the face oh his beautiful wife, his handsome son and even his parents. Gene has lived with disease since birth but his situation was about to change when Rachael Ray invited him on her show for an incredibly special segment.

“Stargardt is an eye disease that affects the retina and it makes the central vision go blurry so it makes it difficult to see features, faces, reading anything becomes a challenge”

On the show, Gene was presented with a pair of eSight glasses to try on. eSight glasses allow those with severe vision impairments to see things they have never been able to see their entire life. When Gene put on the glasses he could not hold back his wide smile. He looked at his wife, smiled and said ” she’s pretty ”

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