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Blind Pit bull Abandoned In Junkyard Transformation After Rescue Is Miraculous



Blind Pit bull Abandoned In Junkyard Transformation After Rescue Is Miraculous

Man’s best friend is a dog, so goes the old adage. This is best seen when two volunteers from a non-profitable organization located in Los Angeles called Hope for Paws, saved a blind pit bull from some junkyard before animal control euthanized him.

This organization rescues abandoned and neglected animals from the city’s busy streets. The founder, Eldad Hagar never turned down a chance to help needy animals, including this abandoned pit bull. He was named Duncan.

Duncan, was tied to a shack, covered in dirt with weirdly over grown toe nails. He was timid at first but became trusting with time. The volunteers tenderly took him to the car and rushed him to the veterinary.

The vet later determined that Duncan was not only completely blind but also dehydrated,  suffered from periodontal disease, had corneal ulcers, a skin infection and two mass cell tumors. After taking a bath, Duncan’s former grey fur turned out to be a beautiful white and tan color.

It took a certain period of time but Duncan finally healed from the conditions he could. He was placed in a foster home through a foundation called Frosted Faces Foundation. This foundation finds loving homes for senior dogs or “frosted dogs”

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Duncan’s new home was the organization’s founder, Andy and Kelly Smisek who decided to adopt him. They spoiled him with chicken, quinoa, eggs, hamburger patties and tons of love.

“He has Sundowners Syndrome and we have gotten him into a fairly good routine. We love Duncan with our whole hearts. He sleeps with us at night in bed on a pee pad, we take him on family outings to the beach, bonfires, patio dinners, and movies in the park.

Duncan is the best snuggler and always grateful to be held despite his size. We are making every day count and we are devoted to Duncan’s happiness.” Duncan’s new owners said.

Even though Duncan was living the best that life could give him, recently he was diagnosed with renal failure. Although no one knows how much time Duncan has left. Due to a few caring individuals, Duncan has become a brand new dog who has a second chance at life. This is a true sad happy ending.

Watch this video of Duncan’s amazing transformation from the link below.