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Boy Would Disappear Every Day, Then Curious Dad Follows Him & Learns Heartbreaking Reason Why.



Every single day, a 9 year old boy from a rural town in the Philippines would go out for a walk, without giving much of an explanation to his father. Filled with curiosity and concern, one day the father,  without giving his son a heads up, decided to follow him so he could know exactly what his son was doing on these daily walks. What he saw absolutely heartbreaking but at te same time melted his heart.

His little boy was feeding and tending to stray and injured dogs! The dogs surrounding his child were all starving and infected with mange. Over the course of their time on the streets, they had become afraid of human beings, but one, in particular, wanted to be friends, he even knew how to shake his paw with the little boy.

After seeing this, the father worked alongside his son to help feed and take care of the dogs. Because the dogs seemed sick, the father and son take precautions to disinfect themselves after interacting with the strays. The pair have decided to try and treat these dogs of mange and feed them to the best of their ability.. Together they’ve named the dogs The White Puppy. Brownie and Blackie.

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Blackie appears to the be the mother of the two puppies. Despite her failing health, she stays by her pups’ side as any good mother would do.

This young boy has warmed the hearts of many across the world with the amount of kindness and compassion he has, and is solid proof that no one is ever too young to make a difference in the world!

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