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Brave 6 Year Old Breaks Down As He Recalls The Moment He Saved His Dad’s Life.



One afternoon, six year old Xander and his father, James McPheeters were outside their home in Salem, Indiana., completing a few household chores. As the sun went down and evening began to approach, Xander left his dad for a few minutes to get a jacket.

But what he came back to would forever be ingrained in his memory. Xander’s dad had experienced a horrifying accident.

While on his tractor, a heavy branch had fallen, hitting James on the head, leaving him unconscious and bleeding while riding a tractor that was still moving. Little  Xander however terrified, was more than anything determined to save his father. A teary eyed Xander explained, “I saw a tree hit him and I runned out there, and I helped him turn the tractor off.”

“He was bleeding his head was cut open…I helped him, I love him.” He added breaking into tears. He then ran to their closest neighbor who called for help. They were able to airlift James to the hospital, ultimately saving his life.

Despite having a concussion, multiple broken bones, and a fractured spine, Xander’s dad was able to make a full recovery after six months of physical therapy. Today we’d like to give our biggest thank you to this courageous little boy who sprung into action to save his dad’s  life right on time.  Here is the full story in the video below.

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