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Bride Recites Vows to Take Care Of Her Partner’s Son



Marriage is a beautiful thing. It binds families together and it’s an expression of love. On the other side, it is a big commitment, and it gets to be an even bigger ordeal when marrying someone who already has a child. Normally it’s tough blending families and takes a lot of work making sure that everyone is well cared for.

Katie Held was preparing to get married to Jeremy, her fiancé. She was writing her vows and wanted to make sure everything was expressed perfectly to him. Jeremy had a son, who was very important to him and Katie knew that she had to include his son, Landon in her wedding.


Nobody expected that she would invite Jeremy’s ex and her new husband, Casey, and Tyler, into the ceremony like she did. Landon’s biological mother and stepfather surprisingly turned up for the event and as expected, Katie had something for them.

After reciting the vows to the love of his life, Katie turned to Landon’s mother and stepfather and continued reciting a set of vows to them. This bride took the attention off herself and focused on the people she would be co-parenting Landon with, and there wasn’t a dry eye in the entire place.

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After addressing Casey and Tyler, Katie had something to say to Landon. She went down to his level and Katie vowed to look after him and love him for the rest of his life. She promised to be Landon’s best friend and a trustworthy confidant to him. Landon was going to be her son and that’s not something she could ever take lightly.

Wow. What a story! Would you take your partner’s kids as your own? There isn’t a beautiful thing in marriage as a well-working and lovable blended families. Let us know what you think in the comment section below.

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