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Bride Surprises Groom and Guests With Beautiful Song as She Walks Down the Aisle.



Weddings are such beautiful events, but guests usually don’t expect brides to do anything quite like this when they go down the aisle.

Maria Holand Tosse of Norway wanted to surprise her husband-to-be, Ronny Eidsvik, and the rest of the wedding guests, and she knew the perfect way to do it. She hid a microphone behind her back and just before she walked down the aisle in Alesund Church., she began to sing a classic song.

Her dad Charles Tøsse also topped it all with his singing to the groom. It was all accompanied by great singers and musicians.

Most famously performed by Josh Groban, “You Raise Me Up” has been recorded by over 100 artists, but this rendition has to be one of the most remarkable.

You can see how touched her future husband is just from the look on his face! Watch the full, beautiful performance in the video down below!


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