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Elderly woman who had been missing for four days is found by a toddler chasing bubbles

A young child in Georgia played a significant role in finding a missing elderly woman. Nina Lipscomb, who has Alzheimer's, had been missing for...

Your prayers are needed for Uncle Si Robertson of “Duck Dynasty.”

In 2022, Si Robertson from the popular TV show "Duck Dynasty" revealed that he was facing a serious health issue. He needed to undergo...

Passerby secretly captures a police officer’s heartwarming act of kindness after a car accident

It was a normal day in Coral Springs, Florida until a three-car crash occurred. Janet Balestriero, a passerby, stopped to witness the chaotic scene....

Store employee Angels are rewarded for assisting an injured elderly woman—‘I was immediately surrounded’

People who do good will always attract good things to them. Once you help unconditionally, God will also reward you bountifully and unconditionally because...

Dad and twin sons cut enough firewood to fill 80 trucks and gave it all away to those in need

Service to humanity is service to God. When I was young, my brother Max told me that a hand that gives never lacks. He...