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Chained Romania Wild Horse Kisses Rescuer to Show Gratitude



Chained Romania Wild Horse Kisses Rescuer to Show Gratitude

There are very few free wild horses in Delta Danube, Romania. This is because it is a common practice among Letea locals to hunt down wild horses for meat.

One of the growing concerns is that an increase in wild horse population can have a negative impact on the surrounding ecosystem. There is one problem; however, there is an excessive slaughter of these wild horses, and most are cruelly treated before they are finally slaughtered.

One cruel practice that is pretty common is chaining a wild horse’s front legs so that it doesn’t run away. The chains are put around the hooves. This means that if the horse needs to move around, it has to do so by hopping. The chains are not only painful, but they easily leave injuries on the legs and joints.

Chained Romania Wild Horse Kisses Rescuer to Show Gratitude


A Chained Horse Spotted

A team of Four Paws professionals was around the area when they spotted a horse hopping around with its friends. They already knew what the situation was, as this chaining technique is pretty common in the area.

The veterinarian in the team, Ovidiu Rosu, knew what to do to help the horse. To ensure his safety and the comfort of the horse, Rosu shot the horse with a tranquilizer. Once the horse was asleep, he covered its eyes to keep it calm and restful.

He had his tools ready to cut up the chains. As he worked on freeing the horse, other horses stayed around, keeping a glance at what he was doing. They seemed as though they were keeping an eye on their friend.

Once the job was done, it was time for the horse to wake up. Rosu removed the cover on its eyes, and it stirred awake, though still a little drowsy. The horse took a few minutes to shake off the sedative.

The team sticks around to make sure that the horse is back on its feet. The injured horse eventually gained full consciousness and was very calm around Rosu and gave him a little kiss as if to say thank you.

Four Paws Team

This team goes around Romania, offering voluntary veterinarian care. They have a program where they sterilize wild horses to keep their population in control. They also run a campaign that educates Romanians on the benefits of keeping the animals safe and free from injuries.

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