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Couple Adopts “Unwanted” Child But the Girl’s First Word to Mom Leaves Everyone in Tears



Lucy is a sweet young girl who suffers from down syndrome. Unfortunately, because of her condition, Lucy was unwanted right from birth and had to spend the first six years of her life in an orphanage in China. However, Lucy’s life turned around when she became one of the few special needs children from the orphanage to be adopted.

A family from the United States wanted to adopt little Lucy and give her the family she never had before. The couple who adopted Lucy were, Brent and Audrey Shook. The Shooks simply couldn’t wait to have her as part of their family.

The couple already had five children who are biologically theirs. Having dated since high school, Audrey and Brent got married and had their children, but Audrey reveals that throughout her life, she had always wanted to adopt a child, so to her this was a dream come true.

When Lucy finally arrived and walked through the gates at the Houston Texas airport, a delighted Audrey had her arms wide open ready to embrace her new daughter. Much to her amazement , the little girl ran to her and surprisingly called her ‘Momma’.

A teary-eyed Audrey tried covering her mouth in a bid to control her emotions, but nothing could dampen this beautiful moment of raw emotion when mother and child meet for the very first time.

The moment is very special for both of them as little Lucy finally gets a family and her forever home and best of all her very own ‘Momma’

The orphanage in China is grateful to people like Audrey and Brent who defy all odds to adopt kids with special needs and provide them with loving families and places to call home.

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