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Couple Who Postponed Their Wedding After They Were Both Diagnosed With Cancer, Finally Tie The Knot.



A couple from New Jersey who had planned to marry years ago finally exchanged their wedding vows last week at the Adelphia restaurant in Deptford. The couple, Ashley Wood and Kevin Sochanchak, who have been together for eleven years, had won a contest for an all-expenses paid wedding hosted by the restaurant, which twenty six year old Sochanchak said, helped him get through his most difficult moments.

After learning that they had won the contest, twenty five year old Wood told the restaurant, “This is going to be the breaking point of our bad luck,” she added, “It’s been a really long year, but we’re finally going to have our good year. We’ve been through so much, and this couldn’t have come at a better time.”

Earlier on in 2011, Wood was the first to be diagnosed with thyroid cancer. Three years later, Sochanchak got diagnosed with stage 4 stomach and esophageal cancer and doctors gave him six months to live. They had planned to marry at Adelphia, but postponed all nuptial planning to focus on their health.

In 2016, doctors declared Wood cancer-free. However, although Sochanchak defied doctors’ expectations, he had to undergo several surgeries after learning that his cancer spread, reported.

“The only thing I want to accomplish in my life now is to marry Ashley,” Sochanchak told Adelphia.

 source: FOXNEWS
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