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Customer Gifts Pleasant Waiter With a Car After He Noticed His Struggle To Get to Work.



“I routinely frequent a popular restaurant for lunch, across the street from my office. Each time I eat there, I request a specific server. This gentleman takes such pride in his work. He is always extremely polite and conversational… the kind of person who instantly can put a smile on your face. Many times when I leave work, I see this gentleman walking to or sitting at the bus stop. I have seen him walking in the blazing summer heat, and I have seen him walking in the harsh cold winter. No matter his circumstances ,when I see him at work he is always upbeat—and a joy to be around.

God has blessed me to own an extra car—a car that I rarely use, unless there is an emergency. For Christmas, God placed on my heart that I should give my extra car to this gentleman.

So, with the help of Elite Collision Center, we were able to get the car in great running order and detailed like new. I presented this car to him the day after Christmas and he was so appreciative!

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As we embark on 2018, be mindful of others; and when possible, do something to encourage and lift them up. Let’s pledge to do every day simple things in 2018, to be the change we want to see. Happy New Year!”