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Dad Goes to Daughter’s Parent’s Night at Ballet, Pulls Out a Last Minute Surprise.



What could possibly be more adorable than seeing a parent going out of their way just to see a smile on their child’s face!  This dad in particular decided to go the full distance after his daughter invited him to her parent’s night at her ballet practice.

Her mom being 7 months pregnant made it difficult for her to come and so he happily obliged. Being the man that he is, he couldn’t go in simple shorts and a t-shirt. He had to go full out! And so his quest for a full black tight outfit began, and it concluded with a beautiful black tutu that he donned elegantly!

The proud dad then goes on to further explain how amazing the night was and how much fun he had spending time with his daughter. “She was very proud of me and told me she loved me 20-something times.” he said, and that alone has almost moved us to tears!

In the viral post the sweet dad wrote, “Dad Life 101: You participate in every Parents’ Night, no matter what it is—even if it calls for a tutu on Ballet Night. But, the look back smile from her, made it all worth it.

Not gonna lie, my calves and toes were cramping up. It was Parents’ Night at my daughter’s ballet school. She asked me to dance with her, because her mom is 7 months pregnant (and she thought it would be funny to see my attempt at ballet dance moves).

Every kid had their parents with them (mostly moms), but I was one of two dads who did the class—and the only one who dressed up! She thought it would be really funny to see her dad wearing the tutu, so I agreed, to make her happy.

She was very proud of me and told me she loved me 20-something times. I knew what it meant to her, and knew it would make memories. She takes ballet very seriously, taking it three times-a-week; so it was nice to see her laughing throughout the class. I wouldn’t have missed it for the world!”


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