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Dad and Son Pop Balloon For Gender Reveal, Toddler Sees The Color And Hilariously Backs Off.



Gender reveals have become quite popular recently, and  parents have come up with varying ideas of revealing their babies’ gender, and we have to say most are pretty creative and impressive. In the video down below, the couple is expecting a baby, and when the time came, they were finally able to do a baby reveal with their toddler who wanted a baby brother so they chose the perfect way to do it.

Courtney, the mom, records the video as her son and husband sit by the wall with a big, black balloon, and a knife in hand, ready to pop the balloon and reveal the gender of the baby. The little boy sits beside his dad with a smile on his face. Holding up the balloon, Joel says to his son, “This is going to tell you if it’s a boy or a girl, are you ready?”

Joel then asks his son if he wants to be the one to pop the balloon and he excitedly says, “Yeah!” He gives him the knife and together, they hold it up to the balloon. After four trials the balloon finally pops, releasing pink confetti!

The toddler’s hilarious reaction is immediate. As he takes in the pink colored confetti on the floor, he starts walking backward and exclaims, “Oh no!” You can see the little boy’s disappointment, but we are sure he loves his baby sister who was born mid-2017. Here’s the video!

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