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Dad’s Wedding Present To Them Leaves the Bride and Groom in Tears, Beautiful!



One of the most special moments in a father-daughter relationship is on the daughter’s wedding, dads are especially an important part of the bride’s wedding day, from walking them down the aisle, to giving away his daughter’s hand in marriage and of course to the first dance.

While most weddings are definitely an emotionally charged event, Nicole Cortez’s wedding was no different, all thanks to a special present that her dad had taken much thought on and surprised her with on her special day.

Nicole, the bride, is not deaf, but she is in fact a sign language interpreter. When Nicole’s father learned that his daughter was engaged, he knew right away the perfect wedding present he would have for her. For a whole year, the amazing dad took time to learn how to sign the lyrics of the song “I Loved Her First.”

From Nicole’s reaction, it is quite evident that it was indeed worth every moment. Don’t miss the great ending where he signs, “I’m watching you.” This Dad made his daughter’s special day an unforgettable one by adding something touching and absolutely beautiful for his daughter that truly left everyone in the room in tears.  Even the groom was moved knowing how much this meant to his wife and the time and dedication it took from his father-in-law to accomplish it. Such an incredible moment!


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