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Dashcam Footage Captures Heroic Off-Duty Police Officer Saving Baby’s Life On Side Of Road



A heroic  police officer from Florida has been hailed a hero after he determinedly saved a baby’s life when he stopped breathing.  The police officer, deputy Jeremie Nix, who works for the force’s K9 police dog unit, was off duty and already on his way home when he was flagged down by a woman in a white sedan looking very distressed.

The officers dashcam captured the moment a very worried Nechole Crowell jumped out of her car with her three month old son, Kingston, in her arms looking limb. She immediately hands over the baby to deputy Nix who immediately tries to revive the infant with CPR and other life-saving measures.

A couple of moments later the officer realizes the baby’s condition is not getting any better, and he immediately raced the baby to the nearby Ocala Regional Medical Centre where he received emergency treatment. Doctors further revealed that the little boy would’ve died were it not for the actions and quick thinking of Deputy Nix.

Later on, Nechole Crowell took to Facebook to show gratitude to the officer for  saving her baby boy with a sweet message and adorable pictures of Deputy Nix cuddling Kingston beside his hospital bed.

In her post, Mrs.Crowell wrote,  “Let me just say that yesterday GOD showed me just how real he was. My son KING was barely breathing & fighting for his life. My sister & I noticed an officer sitting at a red light & we got his attention.With his fast thinking HE & GOD saved my son…. after his shift he and his beautiful wife came to shands just to see him again. His word to me was ‘Don’t you worry, I will not leave until i help save your son.”

She added, “GOD had me in the right place because he knew you needed me… THANK YOU OFFICER JAY NIX FROM THE OCALA SHERIFFS OFFICE K-9 unit!! I just wanted the world to know how great this officer is, & how GREAT GOD is…….. not all officers are bad, he’s one of many good guy KING & I WILL FOREVER APPRECIATE YOU.”