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Depressed Man Makes Noose To Take His Life. But When Dog Realizes, He Saves Owner From Suicide.



We here about heroes and heroic acts every single day. People are out saving others, making someone smile, or just making a stranger’s day all these are acts of heroism because they come unexpected, but with a touch of care and goodwill on behalf of the hero. But it’s just not humans that can take the crown of heroism—animals are also in the running, and especially dogs.

For everyone that has a pet, it’s safe to say that you love them to death. And although you can tell them in words how much you love them, dogs have to work a bit harder, and show their love towards you through actions. And sometimes even through actions that depict heroism.

Meet Geo, a 6-year-old Rare Welsh Bull Mastiff, who saved his owner Byron from committing suicide. Byron had entered a downward spiral after a bad breakup, and had gone into severe depression. After a day of drinking, it’s reported that Byron had made a noose and left the room to go write a goodbye letter to his family. When he came back into the room though, Geo was holding the noose in his mouth, refusing to give it up. He had sensed that his beloved owner was about to kill himself.

Byron says that the harder he tried to pull the rope out of the pup’s mouth, the louder he barked. At first he thought Geo wanted to simply play, but he figured that the dog knew the noose was meant to harm Byron, when he started destroying it with his teeth. His dog’s reaction was enough for Byron to rethink giving up his life, and wanting to live again.

Since then Byron has started to work on coming out of his depression. But there’s something else that he’s struggling with—Geo has a tumor on his head and had to undergo treatment, and Byron has started an online fundraiser to help collect money for his best friend. He wants his dog to live his life to the fullest and happily, since he helped the young man understand the value of life at his all time low.


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