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Disabled Dad Dances With Daughter For the First Time



Disabled Dad Dances With Daughter For the First Time

Hearts are melting across the world after a video of a girl bursting into tears when she is finally able to dance with her disabled dad for the first time has gone viral.

50 year old Odet Belas suffered from polio when he was a young boy. This left him with barely any usage of his legs and relies only on his crutches to move around. Belas started working as a rubbish collector in his hometown of Surigao City, Philippines when he got older.

He is able to earn just 250 pesos, about $4.60, per day riding around on his waste-collecting cart. Belas one and only child, Rosalinda, is the apple of his eye! There is nothing Belas loves more than his daughter.

When Rosalinda turned 18, her father wanted to make her Filipino “coming of age” celebration very special for her, so for two years straight, he saved every coin he could.

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When it was finally her birthday, Rosalinda was able to have the party of her dreams. She got a beautiful red dress, invited a number of her family and friends and had a great time.

However, the highlight of her celebration was the surprise her dad had waiting for her! When the time for her first dance came, Belas jumped onto the dance floor on his crutches, and to Rosalinda’s utmost shock, started dancing with her.

While trying to dance with crutches was obviously no walk in the park for Belas, he was very determined to enjoy the special moment with his daughter.

At this point, Rosalinda couldn’t help the tears falling down her face.  ”This was the happiest moment of my life. I’m so lucky to have a father. We may not be the richest, but the struggles he has been through to give me a special day shows the power of love.” Rosalinda said.

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