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Divorced Mom Finds An Amazing Way To Cope With Depression



Depression, despair and heaviness is everywhere. It is in the news and it seems to be in the air. Last year, there were over 33,000 suicides in the United States. This is tragic, especially since there is a known cure.

After her divorce, Kristina Kuzmic found life unbearable, she felt their was no need to be alive. Life became hard for her, it was difficult for her to pay bills and take care of her two kids. Bad thoughts kept creeping into her mind, but the strong woman found a way to overcome all these.

Depression is the ‘feeling’ of hopelessness, and the simple cure for hopelessness is hope. Kristina decided to focus her energy in helping others instead of worrying about herself. She decided to cook dinner once a week for anyone who needed a meal and some love. And this single act of kindness transformed her life.

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