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Divorced Mom of 4 Adopted a Child To Save Him From Harsh Conditions, Despite Having Her Life Crumbling In-front of Her.



“I never wanted to be a single mom with kids. Never in a million years would I have thought I would end up being a single mom with FIVE kids. FOUR of those being BOYS! But this is the path I am on at the moment. People think that since I got my 5th after being newly divorced, that I have everything together and am so strong, but it is quite the opposite.

At the time, my house was (and is still) a mess, I had a newborn baby girl, two toddlers (I call Thing 1 and Thing 2 because they act like them), and I work full-time.

My 5th came to church one morning with his siblings which is where I met him. He wasn’t allowed to live with them due to circumstances so instead, he had been living at the shelter for almost a year. He had his issues but I could tell he just needed a family to help him heal. So I decided ‘Why not? What’s one more boy?’ So I decided to bump it up and become a therapeutic home.

Deciding to get a 5th does not mean life was good or easy by any means, just that I knew that my messy life was a great life for this kid stuck at the shelter. And since I know that God can use my life for good even during storms, my house was exactly what this child needed to heal. All he needed was a single mom, lots of siblings, rules, and a little chaos with love.”


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