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Dog Found ‘Frozen Solid’ on the Porch Outside Of an Ohio Home.



As temperatures continue to drop and winter weather makes its way across much of the USA, experts are warning pet parents to take extra precautions to care for their furry friends. This week, a three-year-old American Bully dog was found “frozen solid” outside her Toledo, Ohio home. Her owner claims he left the pooch, named Nanas, inside and doesn’t know how she got stuck outside, but the Toledo Area Humane Society is now investigating the events that led to the dog’s death and may charge the owner with animal cruelty.

Officials also came across another dog  inside the house, where the utilities had been turned off. The four year old dog  by the name Haze was found shivering, but has now been rescued and taken to an animal shelter. A 40 year old man identified as Victor Vallejo, said the dogs are his and he was unaware of any issues. He told the newspaper that the utilities had been shut off at the home but he had been providing for the dogs while living elsewhere.

The last time Vallejo saw the dogs was about two or three days ago when he left them both inside. He said he doesn’t know how one dog got outside. “I wasn’t staying there, but I was going back and forth and feeding them. They had plenty of food and water,”  he told the Toledo Blade. “I’ve been staying here and there at the moment. I kind of fell on some bad times.”

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On the day Nanas was found on the porch, temperatures in Toledo had dropped as low as -9 degrees. To protect your pets from the dangers of extreme weather during the winter, always remember to bring them inside when temperatures drop below freezing.

During the winter months, it’s best to shorten the length of your dog’s walks and prepare an emergency kit with blankets for your pet just in case the power goes out during a blizzard, according to the American Veterinary Medical Foundation