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Loyal German shepherd Treads Water for 11 Hours to Save Her Owner’s Life



Loyal German shepherd Treads Water for Hours to Save Her Owner’s Life

Early this year, Moreton Bay police officers received a call about a dog that had been seen treading in the bay. The call was placed by a fisherman who saw the dog swimming around personal items.

The fisherman figured that maybe a boat got into trouble, and he called the police for assistance.

When the police arrived, they took the dog, Heidi, out of the water and had a vet check on her. The Brisbane Water Police immediately embarked on a mission to search for her owner.

Life is saved

Heidi’s owner was spotted clinging to his boat to stay afloat just a few hours after Heidi was rescued. He explained that his boat sank shortly when water filled it up after it lost power.

Since it was evening, it was even harder for anyone to spot them. The 63-year-old man was taken to a nearby hospital where it was established that he did not have any severe injuries.

The owner revealed that the loyal dog had been treading for more than 11 hours before the fisherman spotted her.

Queensland Police News

Senior Sergeant Bairstow of the Brisbane Police issued a statement to the resident. In his statement, he urged those who fancied boat trips to follow the laid out safety precautions.

He insisted that it was essential for anyone exploring the waters to have a life jacket or any other floating device at all times. He also urged boat owners to ensure that all safety equipment, including EPIRBs, are functional and in top shape.

Heidi amazed everyone who heard her story, especially since it was impressive that she treaded for more than 11 hours! Her owner had been in the water for more than 15 hours before he was also rescued.

Heidi got to be an honorary PD for the day for her efforts. The duo still lives happily in their home and is just grateful to have escaped the ordeal unhurt.

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