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Emotional Moment Soldier Mom Surprises 2 Sons As They Sit on Santa’s Lap, Then Receives Own Surprise!



One of the things that makes the holiday season very special is the coming together of families for the celebrations. But that is not always the case for families whose parents or members are in the military as most of them are away protecting their countries or on deployment.

For one family, their mom, Capt. Dawn McCracken-Bruce, had been in Iraq with the United States Army, and her husband and sons had not seen her in over a year. Even though Skype and regular video calls eased the pain of her absence, it would have been a dream come true for her boys to see their mom over Christmas, and that is just what happened!With the help of their local mall and her husband, Capt. McCracken-Bruce was able to organize the best Christmas gift for her sons.

She contacted the mall to have them set up a surprise for the boys when they would go to visit Santa. Her husband who was in on the whole arrangement was impressively able to keep it cool through his excitement.

“I’m shaking,” Capt. McCracken-Bruce told reporters as she made her way through the back corridors of the mall. “I’m nervous. I’m excited. I don’t know how they’re going to react.” After a tear jerking reunion between mother and sons, the unsuspecting mom is met with a heart-melting surprise of her own on the other end of the mall as the family makes their way out!

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