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Ethics and Fact Checking

Ethics policy

At FaithPanda, Journalistic standards and principles always come first.

We strive for accuracy and give all the relevant facts we have and ensure that they have been checked.

FaithPanda is a free and independent website. We always cite external sources when our work is based on the texts of others. We respect copyright.

We always present reported speech with accuracy.

Fact-checking policy

Fact-checking is one of the important processes before we publish content. Our team usually conducts several fact-checking steps before publishing content.

When our work is based on texts of others, we try to credit the original source.

When we are reporting on opinion, we make it clear whose opinion we are presenting.

Corrections policy

When we publish incorrect content, we quickly correct it with full transparency. Spelling corrections and minor changes will be made without an editors note in the article.

Ownership & Funding

FaithPanda is part of Sygnus Media Limited, Organization number PVT-AAAEZL3

Address: Sygnus Media Limited, PO Box 553-00204 Athi River, Kenya.

Our website funding depends solely on Ad revenue which comes from Google Ads and Facebook.