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Every Mother With A Daughter Will Love This Song!



It’s a common belief that mothers are closest to their sons while fathers  hold the most special spot in their daughter’s heart. Daughters always have a soft spot for their dads hence they tend to be closer to them, no doubt being their first love and favorite  heroes.

But this doesn’t go to say that mothers and daughters don’t share a special bond. Many daughters find a hero in both mom and dad—moms are there as every day saviors. They are the ones that girls can turn to when we have to have any “girly talks” and things that boys sometimes just won’t understand.

This amazingly sweet song pays tribute to the love that a mother shares with her daughter. It’s a unique bond and like no other. The title of this track is ‘In My Daughter’s Eyes, ‘ and it talks about how daughters see their mom as strong, fearless, and wise; it’s also about a mom’s sentiments and how she feels that her daughter is sent to her to ‘rescue her.’

The lyrics in this song are incredibly sweet and touching. They portray all the sentiments of true love between  mother and daughter, and we bet that anyone with a daughter or any daughter who loves her mom, that has listened to this in the past has been brought to tears.

But don’t take our word for it! Click on the link below and listen to the song for yourself. If you’ve been touched by it then don’t forget to like and share this post with family and friends—and especially with your little girls.

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