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Family Gathers To Say Goodbye To Mom, Then Granddaughter Looks Over At Grandpa And Gasps



While every love story is beautiful, there are some that are sure to leave you blown away. Such is the love shared between Don and Maxine Simpson.The couple from California couple met in 1952 while they were bowling and the chemistry was evident from the start. Soon, they were married and they began to build a beautiful life together in Bakersfield. The couple’s granddaughter, Melissa Sloan, said, “All Don wanted was to be with his beautiful wife. He adored my grandmother, loved her to the end of the Earth.”

The pair adopted two sons together and were involved with local organizations like the Rotary Club. They loved to travel and made many trips all over the world. But more than anything, they just loved being together.

Several years ago when Maxine was diagnosed with cancer, Don never left her side. He took care of his wife as best he could, making sure she always knew just how much he loved her.

Unfortunately,  Don broke his hip after a bad fall, their granddaughters decided to move them into the same room in the family home so they could be together as they were cared for. Melissa said, “We kept them together and had their beds side by side,” Despite the circumstances, the couple spent many happy weeks together talking, holding hands, and looking at old family photos.

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But as time passed by, both of their conditions deteriorated. Maxine was growing weaker by the day and Don knew he would have to say goodbye to his beloved wife. After 62 years of marriage, Don held Maxine’s hand as she quietly slipped away.

The family let the pair together for a few hours before they came to get Maxine and take her away. It was then something happened that left them stunned and in tears. Holding onto Maxine’s hand, Don smiled and quietly said, “This is my beautiful wife!” Then he too passed away.

Melissa said, “He quit breathing as soon as she left the room. I know in my heart this is what’s supposed to happen. They left this world together.”

Not able to bear being parted from his beloved, Don followed her into eternity just four hours after she had passed. The family, though heartbroken over Don and Maxine’s death, find comfort knowing this is just how the couple would have wanted to go.