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Family Realizes Their Mistake When Their “Pet Dog” Starts Walking Around On 2 Legs!



Recently, the story of a woman from China who had bought a cute little dog from a pet store only to realize it was actually a fox, went viral, to the shock of many. Now in a more perplexing turn of events, another pet owner recently had an unexpected revelation when her “dog” started exhibiting some rather odd characteristics, especially walking on its hind legs.

Tibet Mastiff

Tibet Mastiff

It all began two years ago, in 2016, while on vacation, Su Yun bought what she believed to be a Tibetan mastiff and brought it to her home in a Chinese village in Yunnan province, southwest China. The puppy had an incredibly huge appetite, eating a box of fruits and two buckets of noodles every day according to The Independent.

However, it wasn’t until the 110-kilogram (250-pound) dog started walking on hind legs, that Yun began began questioning if indeed her her dog was, in fact, a Tibetan mastiff, seeing as the breed typically reaches around 82 kilograms (180 pounds) on the larger side and stands 71 centimeters (28 inches) tall.

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“The more he grew, the more like a bear he looked. I am a little scared of bears.” Yun told Chinese Media.

When Yun reported her concerns to officials, she found out her pet was not a dog, or any member of the canine family for that matter. Her “pet” was actually an endangered Asiatic black bear. Footage by officials shows the bear standing almost a meter (3 feet) tall with some very bear-like features.

Even though the bear was kept as a household pet with the Yun family, staff were reportedly so intimidated by the animal they sedated it before transporting it.

Realizing that keeping a wild bear was beyond their capability, the family handed over the bear to the Yunnan Wildlife Rescue Center where he is now on a hefty diet and officials report that he is healthy and thriving.